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USATODAY.com has more than 44 million unique visitors per month. Make sure your ad can be found by professionals and consumers online. USA TODAY Online Classifieds is a prime location to list your business, real estate, career, financial, travel, auto, product or service listing.


Online Listing with Purchase of a Print Ad Weekly Rate 4-Week Rate
Text Listing (1,000 character max.) $40 $120
Featured Listing Upgrade* $25   $75
Display Ad (Includes Free Featured Listing Upgrade) n/a $195
Online Only Listing  
Text Listing (1,000 character max.)   $200
Featured Listing Upgrade*   $100
Banner Advertising
Button 2 (120 x 60)   $450
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)   $750

*Featured Listings are highlighted in blue and appear at the top of selected category listing and relevant search results. Upgrade cost is per listing in addition to Text Listing rate.


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