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Ad specifications
Minimum ad size is eight column inches (1.88"W x 8"H or 3.91"W x 4"H or 7.97"W x 2"H).
Ads may be purchased in 1/2" increments. Black and white ads only.

Column widths:
1: 1.88"
2: 3.91"
3: 5.94"
4: 7.97"
5: 10.0"

Advertising deadline
Space reservation, payment and materials are due three business days prior to publication day by 4:00 PM EST.

Advertising Opportunities
Marketplace Today’s Careers Today
USA Today Careers Today

Careers Today reaches an affluent, national audience of nearly 3.3 million readers. Whether actively seeking new career opportunities or keeping an eye out for jobs of interest that lead to a job change, the USA TODAY readers are prime candidates for your recruitment offering. Careers Today ad schedules can be extended with the inclusion of the Marketplace Today feature Tuesday through Friday.


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Source: 2015 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, HHI $100K+ ; Digital Source: comScore Media Metrix, October 2015

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