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British Heritage is the magazine of travel and life in England, Scotland and Wales, British Heritage is written for those who love Britain. A must-read for serious Anglophiles who know their way around Britain’s history and landscapes.

British Heritage is published 6 times per year with a rate base of 23,000. Approximately 35% to 40% of British Heritage readers travel to Britain in a given year.

Advertising in British Heritage

  • British Crafts & Gifts
    Advertise British crafts or cultural gifts.
  • British Collectibles & Antiques
    Advertise British collectible items.
  • British Books
    Advertise British historical fiction and nonfiction novels to readers with an interest in regional culture.

Direct response advertising is offered run-of-book for one-third page and larger display ads. The Marketplace section consists of display ads up to one-sixth page and word ads run in the Classifieds section.

Advertising Information
Marketplace & Direct Response Rate Card [PDF]

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