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Meet Russell Johns

Who we are.

Russell Johns is the connection between publishers and advertisers. We represent consumer, professional and newspaper publications and have been creating successes for more than 40 years. We are here to provide you with total advertising solutions. From traditional print advertising to cutting edge digital technologies, we continually evolve and offer fresh, innovative opportunities to supplement your business growth.

We provide publishers with a full-service option for advertising sales and support that not only reduces overhead costs but can essentially broaden the canvas of revenue opportunities.

Advertisers work with one point of contact, an advertising specialist, who navigates the entire process of advertising working alongside Russell Johns accounting, marketing and production experts.

What makes Russell Johns different?

Russell Johns supports publishers and advertisers in building working relationships that increase revenue potential and streamline processes. We have a vested interest in your lasting success and provide custom tailored solutions to meet your advertising needs.

For publishers, Russell Johns takes the time to learn your audience and industry position to effectively represent and promote your advertising opportunities. We offer a comprehensive solution to streamline your advertising sales strategy, reduce overhead costs and increase profitability.

For advertisers, we work with you to learn about your products, services or opportunities to help determine where your advertising campaign would benefit most. Russell Johns will place your advertising message in selected media, manage your advertising schedule and provide overall support for your ad campaign.

Mission, Vision.

Russell Johns’ Mission is to connect publishers and advertisers in the evolving world of digital and print media.

Russell Johns’ Vision is to be an irreplaceable resource to publishers and advertisers.

Russell Johns makes advertising easy.


Contact us to see how we can work together to bring your advertising blueprint to life.

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